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Essex Aggregates Truck in yard

Seasonal Temperature & the Construction Industry

Construction has always been subject to innumerable factors that can affect the timing and budget of a project. These can include reduced access to key materials and staffing which, while…

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75m of concrete being pumped onto a site on Canvey island by a boom pump. started at 9am and finished by 13:30

Why & How to Use a Concrete Calculator

Unless you have many years of experience in the business, it’s a tricky thing trying to work out how much concrete you’re going to need for a project. Thankfully, here…

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grab hire main

What Are The Benefits of Using Recycled Aggregates?

We all know the benefits of recycling our household waste, and sorting our used glass, tins, plastics and paper from general waste should now be second nature. But there’s a…

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How To Choose Decorative Aggregates

How To Choose Decorative Aggregates

Decorative aggregates come in many forms and sizes these days, and there are many applications for which you can use them. But it’s not always easy or obvious which kind…

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Essex Aggregates Domestic Build

Brits Seek To Extend Their Homes By Over 1.5 Million Sq Metres In Lockdown

Lockdown has put a stop to many things over the last year or so: holidays, live entertainment and any kind of social life, to name but three. Meanwhile, other areas…

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Grab Hire Services - truck on site

Grab Hire & Muck Away FAQs

If you’re planning a big building or gardening project that is likely to create a large amount of waste you’ll need to get rid of quickly, Essex Aggregates’ grab hire…

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How to Lay a Gravel Driveway

Fancy delving into some home DIY to improve your kerb appeal? This month, Essex Aggregates are here to share how to lay a gravel driveway, so you can successfully update…

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The History of Aggregates

Since the dawn of time, aggregates have been present. Created by volcanic eruptions and sculpted by erosion, water and time, the history of these fascinating clumps of minerals date way…

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The Difference Between Primary & Secondary Aggregates

Primary aggregates are naturally occurring deposits of minerals that come in the form of crushed rocks, sand and gravel which can be found along river beds, on the ocean floor…

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Different Types of Aggregates

The term ‘aggregate’ is thrown around so often, we want to help you understand the age-old question of what are the different types of aggregates? This month, Essex Aggregates will…

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