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How to Lay a Gravel Driveway

Fancy delving into some home DIY to improve your kerb appeal? This month, Essex Aggregates are here to share how to lay a gravel driveway, so you can successfully update…

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The History of Aggregates

Since the dawn of time, aggregates have been present. Created by volcanic eruptions and sculpted by erosion, water and time, the history of these fascinating clumps of minerals date way…

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The Difference Between Primary & Secondary Aggregates

Primary aggregates are naturally occurring deposits of minerals that come in the form of crushed rocks, sand and gravel which can be found along river beds, on the ocean floor…

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Different Types of Aggregates

The term ‘aggregate’ is thrown around so often, we want to help you understand the age-old question of what are the different types of aggregates? This month, Essex Aggregates will…

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What are Aggregates; Aggregates Explained

To better understand concrete, it’s important to break down the elements that make up this super strong construction material. Starting with what aggregates are, moving on to where they come…

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